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One question we get asked on a regular basis is can I pass the Part 3 test? And the simple answer is YES. So why do so many potential driving instructors in Coventry struggle to pass this test? A lot of larger training establishments, such as, BSM, RED and AA, will throw a lot of information your way in a very short period of time and expect you to understand what has been taught and deliver it in the car.

Therefore, some instructors feel they are not fully prepared to deliver lessons in Coventry in a positive and constructive manner which in turn has a knock on effect in their Part 3 exam and teaching ability resulting in not achieving your final goal of becoming a fully qualified driving instructor.

Understanding is Vital

We have a very simple and structured approach to achieving understanding. We work on developing the basic foundations of good teaching skills

• Knowing  your subjects – the better you understand the subject you are delivering the easier you will find teaching it in particular the ten
preset combinations
• The correct levels of Instruction – knowing how much help to give and at what point to the learner is vital to their development

• Lesson structure – knowing how to structure a driving lesson in Coventry to achieve the objective of a particular lesson
Core Competences

• Fault identification- knowing how to recognise and stop faults before they occur

• Fault analysis- learning to find the root cause of a fault and what potential problems it caused or could cause to other road users

• Remedial Solution- once a root cause has been identified, a new approach can  be offered to prevent the fault reoccurring

If reading this, you think this is new to you or you are struggling to get your head around these training issues then give us a call. We have various structured courses ranging from 5 to 20 hours to successfully help you become fully qualified driving instructor in Coventry.

All courses are individually structured to meet your personal training requirements.

Call for a no obligation chat or to arrange an assessment.

Come and join us.. 

We have an excellent record pass rate and you can benefit from the discounted prices of our remedial lessons, so call us on 0800 112 0012 to get on you way to driving success.






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