5 Bad Driving Habits New Drivers Should Avoid

Finally passing your driving test is a freeing moment for any young driver and it is hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and begin to develop habits that were avoided during driving lessons. While some of these habits are relatively harmless, there are some major things that all drivers, new or experienced, should always aim to avoid. Some even carry legal penalties so there is extra reason to make sure you keep your driving safe and sound.

1. Using a mobile phone whilst driving

Our first bad habit is a pretty obvious one, but it’s something that many people continue to do even though penalties are in place for anybody who us caught doing it. Speaking on a mobile phone distracts a driver from the road and leads them to being more likely to be involved in a road accident. Texting is even worse, as it often involves the driver taking their eyes off the road to send a message. Both should be avoided at all costs, both to avoid the 3 points plus £100 fine and also to ensure you keep yourself and other road users safe.

2. Looking at passengers when you’re driving

Eye contact with people we are talking to is an important part of any social interaction, to the point where it is almost automatic for most people. This means it is something to be extra wary of when speaking to passengers in a car. Be sure not to turn your head away from the road when speaking to anybody in the car, especially if they are in the back seat. Doing so reduces your vigilance and can lead to accidents.

3. Speeding

Another pretty obvious one, but one that it is all too easy to be guilty of once you are removed from the shackles of a driving lesson. There are plenty of reasons why you should avoid going over the speed limit, even in situations where it doesn’t appear that there is any immediate danger. You never know what’s round the corner plus penalty points and fines are not pleasant at the best of times.

4. Not wearing a seat belt

In the prime of youth it is far too easy to think we are indestructible. Safety measures seem like something that won’t be needed because the things that they help with would never happen to us. The only problem with that is that sometimes they do happen, often in the most unexpected of circumstances. Wear your seatbelt at all times. You may never, ever need it but you will be glad for it if you ever do.

5. Running Red and Amber lights

The temptation is always there, especially on quieter roads. The light is on amber and you think if you push that little bit harder you should be able to get through it before it turns. Many times this leads to going past the light after it has turned red, which is a danger in itself. Speeding to hit that light only leads to more problems. Plus it only takes one person to have started driving just a touch early, or for you to be a touch later than anticipated, and suddenly you have a crash on your hands.

So there you have it. Five bad habits to avoid once you’re on the road for yourself. There are plenty more beside and it is always ideal to drive exactly how you have been taught. Just remember to always pay attention and stay safe when on the road!