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The practical driving test may seem like a pressure-filled window in which you need to do everything perfectly. However, it’s not as terrifying as it first appears. In fact, once you’ve adjusted to the test you’ll find that it isn’t much harder than your driving lessons. After all, you’re applying what you have learned during those lessons for the test.

Unfortunately, not everybody passes the practical driving test first time. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Any number of factors can play into a fail. Still, there are some tips you can follow if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of passing first time. Here are a few of them.

Take Regular Driving Lessons

It may seem like a simple tip but taking regular lessons will really help you prepare for your test. Aim for at least once a week and try to arrange them for the same time each week so you have a routine to stick to. Taking lessons on a haphazard basis may lead to you forgetting things you learned previously. Doing so in the immediate run-up to a test will cause problems when you’re on the road.

Remember the Show Me, Tell Me Questions

Every practical driving test has a short portion dedicated to the Show Me, Tell Me questions. This is when your examiner will ask you to show them something on the car or tell them something about driving safely. A lot of people forget about these questions when preparing for their practical exams. Avoid that by reading up on each question and making sure you have the answer to hand.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Your driving instructor has been there and seen it all. They can tell you so much more than how to drive a car, so take advantage of that knowledge. If you have any questions about the practical test make sure you ask them before you book the test. If you go in armed with as much knowledge as possible, you will feel much more confident when you sit behind the wheel.

Focus on Manoeuvres

Issues with manoeuvres will cause you to fail quickly. This is a tripping point for many learner drivers. Some poor observations or losing your cool during the manoeuvre will often lead to a fail. The best way to prepare for this is to practice. Ideally, you should have at least one session each dedicated to every manoeuvre before you take your test. That will help your instructor catch and train out any issues before you take the test.

Be Honest With Yourself

You need to ask yourself some important questions before you take the practical driving test. Do you know everything you need to know to pass? Are you confident in your driving ability? Can you execute your manoeuvres consistently? If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions you may not be ready to pass a driving test first time. Confidence, in particular, plays a big role. You could be ready knowledge and driving wise, but a lack of confidence will lead to mistakes you wouldn’t have made otherwise.