Tips for Learner Drivers

So you are thinking of learning how to drive? That is excellent news! Being able to drive provides a freedom that is indescribable, allowing you to go to the places you want to go whenever you want to go to them. However, the prospect of getting into a car for the first time can be extremely daunting. To help ease your fears, we have compiled a short list of the things learner drivers need to keep in mind when they first pull out onto the road and start taking lessons.

1. Try not to be nervous

This is a difficult one, as it is quite natural to be nervous when you are trying something for the first time and some nervousness is always to be expected. Just try not to fear the vehicle you’re in and also try to be afraid of other road users around you. Your instructor will always do everything that they can to keep you safe and dual control vehicles ensure that any mistakes you make during those first few tentative lessons can be rectified instantly.

2. Trust your instructor

It goes without saying that your driving instructor will have undergone lots of training to reach a position where they are deemed able to provide with you adequate instruction to start your life on the road. The large majority will also have held hundreds of lessons and are extremely comfortable dealing with all types of students. Listen to your instructor at all times and trust that what they are telling you is the best way to do things.

3. Trust your vehicle

We’ve all seen reports in the news of vehicles having various issues, but this are few and far between. Trusting that your vehicle will do what you tell it to do when you tell it to do it is absolutely vital when learning how to drive. All of the vehicles used by our driving instructors are regularly serviced and inspected, ensuring that risks are reduced to the absolute minimum. Trust your vehicle and concentrate on improving your driving.

4. Make yourself aware of the Highway Code

Those first few hours on the road can be made all the more daunting if you are seeing various road signs and markings for the first time. Your instructor will always help you out if you get stuck, but having a pre-existing awareness of what all of these things mean will allow you to be much more confident in your driving, safe in the knowledge that you are taking the right course of action.

5. Bring your documentation

This is an excellent habit to get into right from the off. Whenever you come to take a lesson, ensure that you bring relevant documentation so that you always have it to hand. You will need both your paper and photo licence when you take a test and it is always good to know that they are close by should you ever need them.

The instructors at The Driving Force will always do everything that we can to facilitate individual students, so these tips are just general things to keep in mind. Above all we urge you to enjoy your lessons and enjoy the thrill of driving.