Tips for Older Learner Drivers

For many, taking driving lessons is one of the first signs of entering adulthood. Teenagers and those in their early twenties want to get out on the roads as quickly as possible to enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with being able to drive.

However, not everybody chooses to start taking driving lessons at an early age. For example, those with work or family commitments may simply not have enough time to dedicate to driving lessons, particularly if they don’t need to drive to fulfil their various commitments.

Of course, this means that a different approach must be taken by driving instructors when such people decide to take lessons later on in life. Further, older learners are presented with a range of challenges that young learners don’t necessarily face. With that in mind, here are some tips for the older learner driver.

It’s Okay to Struggle

As an older learner, you are likely accustomed to succeeding in whatever you do in life as your education is completed and you have set routines. Interestingly, this can make it more difficult to accept new education or the concept that you might struggle a little when you do get out on the road. Just always remember that it is okay to get things wrong and struggle when you start learning to drive. Don’t beat yourself up about it and take each mistake as a learning experience.

Be Picky

Your choice of driving instructor is important to your progress and it is important to find someone who understands the challenges you face. As an older learner, you likely understand more about yourself in terms of how you like to learn and the various things that may knock your confidence than somebody who is fresh out of school and aching to get on the road. Your driving instructor should understand that learning to drive at an advanced age is a big step and treat you accordingly, so don’t be afraid to get a little picky.

Take Regular Lessons

The responsibilities attached to adult life can often make it difficult to take regular lessons, which is an issue that you must confront head on. Try to undertake one formal lesson per week and speak to friends who will be willing to let you continue building your skills by driving with them. The key is consistency in your learning. The more driving lessons you miss, the less likely you are to continue with your learning efforts, so stay focused and have your end goal in mind.

Just Do It

There really is no time like the present and the more you delay, the more difficult you are going to find getting started. If you want to learn how to drive, simply book yourself a lesson. Yes, there may be a lot of nerves during that first session, but you will soon find that a good driving instructor is able to coach you through all of the challenges you face. With each new achievement you will gain confidence and soon you will find yourself wondering what the big deal was.