The Benefits of Under 17s Driving Lessons

While you will have to wait until you are at least 17 years of age before you can begin driving on public roads, The Driving Force is able to offer special under-17s lessons that take place in a safe environment where you will not encounter any traffic.

These lessons are ideal for those who are eager to get their very first taste of driving a car and simply cannot wait to be eligible to get out on the road. Plus, they can give you some invaluable experience that you can take into your first full lesson, allowing you to get to grips with the basics much more quickly.

So what are the benefits of under-17s driving lessons? Here are just a few.

No Licence Needed

The best thing about these lessons is that you do not need to apply for or have a provisional licence to take them. Because you are not going to be out on public roads, you are free to take these driving lessons without any licence whatsoever.

This means that you can simply book them whenever you want and then just turn up when the lesson has been arranged. It’s quick, simple and absolutely no fuss whatsoever.

No Distractions

One of the main things that concerns young drivers when they take their first few driving lessons is all of the distractions of the road. With other cars and people to worry about at all times, it can all get a little bit overwhelming if you are still getting used to how to operate the car in the first place.

With under-17s driving lessons you will be able to learn without any distractions whatsoever. There will not be any other cars or people for you to worry about, so you simply need to concern yourself with learning the basic operation of the vehicle. This also means that you will be much more ready to take on the road when the time comes.

Fewer Nerves

It is only natural to be a little bit nervous when you first start to drive. After all, you are essentially in a big metal box that you control with your hands and feet. Until you start to feel comfortable doing that it’s no wonder that some people get a little nervy.

With the under-17s off-road driving course you can at least focus on getting to grips with your vehicle. Because of this you will experience fewer nerves and will be to start building up the confidence that you will need to be a safe and effective driver.

Fewer Lessons Needed

By taking lessons before you are 17 you will find that you need fewer full driving lessons to reach test standard. This is because your instructor will be using the time to not only ensure that your practical skills are up to scratch, but will also be teaching you about various aspects of the theory test.

This gives you a foundation to build on when you start taking full driving lessons, allowing you to pick up more complex aspects of driving much more efficiently.