Staying Safe When Driving in the Summer

So the weather has started to get a little warmer once again and we’re sure that many of you are looking forward to taking your cars out for a spin to enjoy the great weather. Of course, as with every type of weather, summer driving can present a few fairly unique challenges to the driver, so make sure you keep the following in mind so you stay safe at all times.

Bring Sunglasses

The bright sun may light your way, but it can also cause issues with your vision when it catches the car’s windows at the wrong angle or shines directly onto you. Always have a pair of sunglasses handy in the car so you can pop them on when glare starts to become an issue. Also, make sure to use your visors as appropriate. After all, it only takes a second of being startled by the sun for an accident to occur.

Bring Water

Hot weather means sweating and general dehydration if you aren’t prepared. This is especially the case in older cars that don’t have air conditioning. As such, you should always be prepared for the warmth with a bottle of water. Drink regularly to keep yourself hydrated, especially on longer journeys when the sun can start to have a fatiguing effect on you.

Car Fluids

Your two key car fluids during the summer are your engine oil and coolant, as both are crucial for preventing your engine from overheating, which is a particular issue during the summer. Make sure your keep both topped up, especially when preparing for a long journey. As an additional tip, consider switching your engine off when you are in stuck in traffic to let it cool down a little bit.

Crack a Window

We mentioned the fatiguing effect of the warmth a little earlier and it is important to do whatever you can to ensure you stay awake and alert during your drive. Opening a window will ensure there is a constant stream of air running through the car, which should keep you alert and able to react to what’s happening on the road. In many cases, you will find the open window works better than the air conditioning for keeping you awake, as you also get exposed to the various noises outside.

Plan Your Trips

Believe us when we say that you are not the only person that has seen the warm weather and decided to head out for a drive. You are going to find yourself coming across a slew of other road users, so it is important to plan your trips beforehand, especially if you want to miss congested areas. Listen to traffic reports and consider the road less travelled if you want to avoid congestion.

Deal With Allergies

Hay fever affects 20 percent of the population and can lead to runny noses and eyes that will distract you from your driving. If you know you suffer from the condition, try to bring some allergy medication along with you.