Five Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance

So you have finally passed your driving test and you have your own car. Life on the road beckons but there is just one problem – your car insurance is through the roof. Many drivers, particularly younger people, find that car insurance is extremely restrictive when they have first passed their test and will obviously want to do anything that they can to bring their premiums down.

Here we look at a few things that you can do to drive down your monthly insurance bills and give you that extra little bit of cash in your pocket to really enjoy your life on the road.

5. Always Shop Around

It seems like a simple step, bu far too many people simply don’t take the opportunity to shop around. While listening to the recommendations of your friends and family is a good start, it is important to remember that all insurance companies offer different rates.

Speak to as many companies as you can before you commit to anything, or use an online aggregator to do the work for you. Many of your quotes will likely be in a similar ball park, but there should be enough choice that you have a noticeably lower option to go for.

4. Have a Safe Car

The type of car you drive plays a large part in the amount you will pay for insurance. If the car is capable of going at high speeds or is notoriously difficult to drive, you will likely see your insurance rates rocketing upwards as a result.

Furthermore, it is well worth equipping the vehicle with safety features, such as an alarm and other safety implements, as this lowers the chance that it could get stolen. Your insurance company will look favourably on such actions and will lower their premiums accordingly.

3. Take A Further Driving Course

A number of driving schools offer additional courses beyond the normal driving lessons, such as motorway driving lessons. Taking these courses demonstrates a commitment on your part to being a safe driver, which will also show that you are committed to keeping the car safe and less likely to be involved in accidents.

This is particularly useful for inexperienced drivers, as it is a way of adding that experience that insurance companies like to look for.

2. Use Your Garage

As odd as it may seem at first, insurers like it when a car is kept in a garage overnight. As such, if you have one you should make the effort to declutter it so that you have room to keep the car.

The reason for this is that keeping the car in a garage adds an extra level of safety that doesn’t exist if it is kept on a drive. With less chance for the car to be stolen or damaged, you should find that your insurance premiums are lower as a result.

1. Drive Carefully

There is an old saying that goes – “The proof is in the pudding.” This is as true for driving as it is in many walks of life. Simply put, insurance companies want you to prove that you are a capable and safe driver who will not require their services on a regular basis.

As such, always be sure to drive carefully and avoid any incidents that could affect your no claims bonus. While this is obviously not always possible, you should always try to avoid getting into situations where you drive recklessly and endanger yourself and the vehicle.